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Upcoming Webinar
Monday, Jul 03
Europe & Middle East
<h3>MATLAB-PSpice Integration</h3>

MATLAB-PSpice Integration

Monday, 07.3.2017

FlowCAD is hosting a webinar on the PSpice SLPS Interface utilizing a DC Motor Design.

Upcoming Webinar
Tuesday, Jul 11
Europe & Middle East
<h3>PSpice Model Editor and Modeling Apps</h3>

PSpice Model Editor and Modeling Apps

Tuesday, 07.11.2017

FlowCAD is hosting a webinar on how to utilize the PSpice AA Optimizer and Curve Fitter application with PSpice Model Editor to customize PSpice models from manufacturing vendors

Tuesday, Sep 12
Europe & Middle East
<h3>Cadence PSpice A/D Training</h3>

Cadence PSpice A/D Training

Tuesday, 09.12.2017

Hosted by a Cadence channel partner in Sweden, the Cadence PSpice A/D course is a comprehensive course that covers entire functionality and features of the tool.


Thursday, Sep 14
<h3>Cadence PSpice Advanced Analysis</h3>

Cadence PSpice Advanced Analysis

Thursday, 09.14.2017

Hosted by a Cadence channel partner in Sweden, course attendees learn to understand and define PSpice model parameters that are necessary when using the features in Cadence PSpice AA.