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Gain and resistor value sweep


I am trying to simulate the common base circuit here: https://www.mediafire.com/?hbycilby2nm3ntb  The input is a 5V square wave pulse. The output is the collector voltage of the transistor. I want to sweep the value of R1, and plot the voltage gain versus R1. How can I get such a plot?

I also have questions about electronic fundamentals. Are the small signal circuit and the DC biasing circuit correct?
On a protoboard, am I correct to measure the small signal voltage gain by measuring the collector's voltage peak-to-peak and divide it by the input voltage peak-to-peak (which is 5V in this case)?

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You can perform parametric sweep and use performance analysis in PSpice waveform analysis for generating Voltage gain Vs R1 plot. You need to declare a value of R1 as the GLOBAL parameter and then sweep global parameter in desired range. You also need to use appropriate measurement for GAIN calculation for generating plot.


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