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Getting unknown resistance


i have written a .CIR file containg only capacitor and inductor,

Capacitor initially charged to 60V and initial condition of inductor is zero

there is only two elements in the circuit (Capacitor is directly connected to inductor)

and done transient analysis for current across inductor

there is no resistor in my circuit

so the expected output should a sine wave with no attenuation

but .PROBE is showing attenuation of current value through Inductor with time

i am confused how this is possible as there is no resistor in my circuit

so,please help me to overcome my confusion 

i have also copied and pasted my .CIR file fo your convenience:

Example 10
C1 1 0 2.55u ic=60V
L1 1 0 200M ic=0
.tran 0.01 0.5 uic
.probe I(L1)



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