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TLC555/TI Timer - No Output

I am using OrCAD Capture and PSpice 17.2-2016 (Lite). I have created a circuit built around the 555 timer using the TLC555/TI. I successfully ran a simulation with differential markers at the input. However, I do not get any measurable signal at the output of the 555. Of course, you would need to see my circuit to pinpoint an error. However, the question I wish to ask is whether the various 555 PSpice timer models vary in simulation characteristics. I suspect that the TLC555/TI may be quite different in its simulation behavior than the 555B, 555C or 555D/EVAL. I suspect this because I tried to replace the TLC555/TI with a 555B and the Lite version told me that I exceeded the limitation of the Lite version. Moreover, since the 555B was the exact timer model used in a PSpice example for timers, I also suspect that there is a good reason to use the 555B in simple timer circuits. Perhaps there is some requirement for wiring the other 555 timer models just like you sometimes are required to shunt a capacitor in PSpice in order to resolve a floating net error.

Thank you in advance.

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