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#1 Jul 21, 2020
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Advantages of using free PSpice for TI solution?

Ability to seamlessly access entire TI model library and associated resources such as reference designs, datasheets, model details etc.

Users can simulate complex mixed signal designs using the curated TI component library without any design size limitations providing them a superior Design Entry and Simulation env. compared to any other IC vendor solution.

Seamless product and library update.

PSpice is considered as one of the most accurate mixed signal simulators in the market. It is widely used in Automotive, Power Supply and Internet of Things domain.

As most IC vendors deliver ready to use PSpice models in your simulation, PSpice for TI solution will allow 3rd party model import capability from all IC vendors. You will also get access to reference designs for all TI components within the tool itself along with test bench capabilities.

Download PSpice and try it for free! Download Free Trial