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What's Good About Allegro AMS Simulator PSpice Model Encryption? It’s in the 16.6 Release!

With the 16.6 Allegro AMS Simulator (PSpice) release, you now have a new AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. This makes the encryption utility of PSpice and the Model Editor both faster and more robust. You will still be able to decrypt models encrypted using the DES algorithm available in earlier releases. Both used-defined and multi-command line modes are supported.

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User-Defined Encryption

Set the environment variable CDS_PSPICE_ENCKEYS with a value that points to a .csv file which contains the <filename>, <keys>, pairs.

Command-Line Usage

The PSpiceEnc command now has a new option to specify modes. The syntax being mode <n> or Mode <n>, where n can be 0, 2, or 3 as described below:

PSpiceEnc [-e/E | -i/I | -n/N | -p/P] [-mode <>] inputFilePath outputFilePath

0: Uses the prior 16.5 Encryption scheme.
2: Uses DES Encryption with advanced data security (available in 16.5).
3: Uses AES Encryption. This is the default for 16.6 and later releases.

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