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#1 Feb 7, 2017
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SLPS Block: Number of inputs+outputs limited?

Hello together,

right now I am implementing the SLPS interface into a simulink model.
I planned to use a lot of inputs and outputs, and I am encountering the problem, that MATLAB crashes if I exceed a certrain number of inputs+outputs of the SLPS block (at a sum of around 112).
When I press the "RUN" button in Simulink, the "SLPS Status Window" pops up saying "Creating PSpice files....". At this point, Matlab completely freezes. As soon as I click one of the Matlab windows, I get a Windows error message telling me that Matlab is not functioning anymore, giving me the possibility to close Matlab.
If I use one input or output less in my SLPS block, the simulation runs without any problems.

So is there a limitation of the inputs/outputs for the SLPS block? Unfortunately I could not find any information about this in the documentations...
If so, is there a possible work-around to be able to use a bigger number of inputs/outputs?
If not, what could be a possible cause of my problem and how could I fix it?

I am using MATLAB R2016b (student version) and PSpice 17.2-2016 S009 on a Windows 7 machine.

Thank you very much for your help!

With best regards

Sat, 2017-02-18 03:20
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Yes, there are certain issues at moment for large number of interfaces. However you have very large number of interface. Cadence is working on expanding this limit to a larger number. This will be available shortly.

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