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#1 Dec 11, 2020
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MOSFET Loss simulation

Hi Team,

we are simulating one DC-DC Power converter and trying to estimate MOSFET Power loss using pspice. For that what are the best way to simulate and estimate switching and conduction losse of MOSFET?

Also, Need some information about MOSFET Thermal Model simulation. How to utilise themal model in pspice ?

Please share any application/Guide line note MOSFTE Losse estimation and Therma model would be highly appriciated.

I am trying with one model but PSPICE is giving below mention error.



Mon, 2021-01-25 11:10
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Hi.... the SPICE model isn't designed for this purpose, and a lot of the parameters are not calibrated to match the real values for Ploss.

Assuming your manual calculations and the online calculator were in decent agreement, I would trust those losses more. And since they are higher, it will force you to be more conservative in your design.

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