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#1 Aug 20, 2020
Fu Yuyang
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PSPICE Error in simulation and application quit unexpectedly

Can anyone help me with this problem in simulation? Thanks please.

.subckt compact_memristor_2 plus minus
.param Z=1 Vr=7 param_a=75nm Vh=3.5E-3 Ea=0.5eV B=0.3 param_R=20nm rou_on=4E-2 rou_off=1.33E2
+A=1.33E-15 L=50nm C=0.08V Rth=1E5 q=1 beta=0.3 h_init=0 r_init=0 k=1.38E-23 T0=300
*memristor model
Gpm plus minus value={(V(plus)-V(minus))/
*memristor model end
*integrator of h
Gx x 0 curx={if((V(x)+(1E-10)*Vh*exp(-Ea/(k*T(V(y))))*
Cx x 0 1 IC={h_init}
Rx x 0 1E12
*integrator of h end
*integrator of r
Gy y 0 cury={if((V(y)+(1E-10)*Vr*exp(-Ea/(k*T(V(y))))*
Cy y 0 1 IC={r_init}
Ry y 0 1E12
*integrator of r end
.func u(t)={if(t>0,1,0)}
.func Ron(y1)={(rou_on*L)/pi*y1*R}
.func Roff(y2)={(rou_on*y2+rou_off*(L-y2))/A}
.func E(y3)={(V(plus)-V(minus))/(L+((rou_on/rou_off)-1)*y3)}
.func T(y4)={T0+(V(plus)-V(minus))^2/((rou_on*L)/pi*y4*param_R)}
.func ifOff(y5)={if(L>y5,1,0)}

Errors occurs as follows and software showed some windows saying that "this application has quit unexpectedly." and something like RPC Server invalid.

ERROR(ORPSIM-16396): Missing gain/transconductance/transresistance

ERROR(ORPSIM-16396): Missing gain/transconductance/transresistance

Thu, 2021-06-03 00:56
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you should report this cadence support. You should also share cir file where this model is used. 

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