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Missing shortcut window buttons. How do you put them back?

Hello it's me again. I have one more problem that I have had since I started using PSpice. Sometimes I will accidentally click and drag one of the shortcut buttons out of the side windows and PSpice consequently removes the button from the window. How do you put them back? An example would be the button on the right that has a picture of a ground symbol, and clicking on it lets you place a ground for your circuit. Again, this is a problem that no one else seems to be having. I have looked all over the internet for a solution including the Pspice manual and website.

I would attach an image but it seems you can only attach images that are on the server and I don't know what that means are how to deal with that.

Mon, 2019-02-11 04:49
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You can make double click on the moved window so that it is automatically placed where it was again...If you closed this window of shortcut buttons, then click on View - Toolbar and select the toolbar you want to visualize again.


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