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components selection and library information

Hi, I'm getting started with Capture/PSpice simulation environment for my Masters' thesis in Electrical Engineering. I have some troubles in finding a way to select cicruit components searching for their electrical parameters. For example, I need to insert in my project a diode with a 1000 V breakdown voltage, and I also need a Zener diode with the same breakdown voltage characteristic. I had a look inside the Orcad website, in particular at (https://www.pspice.com/discrete/diodes/general-purpose?page=1) and I've found for instance product 1N4249 . My problem is that I don't find all the diodes indicated in the website list when I search in the libraries that I see available among the software libraries. Moreover, I would like to ask how can I get the components data sheets in order to select the products that are more suited to my layout?

I also did not understand how to select the transformer ratio for a linear transformer (XFRM_LINEAR in ANALOG library).

Any suggestions and explainations are very welcome.

Thank you in advance,


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If ayou are using the version 17,2, then click on Place --> PSpice Component --> Search. Here you will be able to filter parameters taking into account electrical descriptions. In this window you get all the Cadence PSpice models available per default in the installation.

For datasheet, you should look for them on Internet. 

With transfomer and ratio you mean, how to define the mutual coupling right?


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