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#1 Jan 5, 2021
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Error results for different operating conditions RT-2875b

I have been working on the step-down converter RT-2875B and the PSpice model is generated by Richtek. 
At the Vsw pin, for input voltages 8 to 17 the simulation environment is recording a sine waveform. While for higher voltages, 18 to 30, I am observing a proper square waveform with ringing. 
Why am I seeing such an error when the only parameter being varied is the input voltage? 

Picture 1.jpg 

Wed, 2021-05-19 00:08
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It is best to ask model/app circuit developer. May be one of the switching conditions are not met and PWM operation is not starting at lower voltages. Although UVLO upper limit is 4.1V 

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