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Forum Rulebook

This forum is for users to exchange ideas, ask questions, and cover the cross-functional topics that you may encounter designing and layout for a mixed signal design and share your ideas with other PSpice users.We appreciate and value your contribution to our forum and encourage you to use our forum to interact with your fellow PSpice users.


To make sure PSpice.com is a safe and valuable resource for all PSpice users, here are some basic do’s and don’s of PSpice community.


Forum Rulebook:

1. Search the forum topics incase the question has been already been answered.

2. Do not post a question on other user’s thread, especially when it has been dormant for some time. It's better to create a new thread and reference the earlier thread.

3. Exclusively mention the correct tool name, version number to ensure you receive the correct and specific answer to your question.

4. Be specific, clear and brief when posting a question or asking for help, long messages are likely to be read. Include the methods, practices you used so others can provide specific answers.

5: Do not attach copyrighted material to your posts unless you own the copyright. In other words, do not post data that is not yours to post (e.g. model files, technology data from a third-party foundry). Such data will be removed from the forum.

6: If a person helped solve your query, please do acknowledge the response to the person- this way people can benefit from similar issues in the future and everyone can benefit from it.

7: Write carefully and clearly. Do not use instant messaging short hand. Define the meaning of obscure terms and acronyms.

8: Users who post forum spam will have their posts removed. If a post that is otherwise appropriate includes links considered to be spam, those links will be removed as well.

9: PSpice.com is a support forum, not a marketing forum. Feel free to promote your support blog and helpful websites, but we will delete any form of commercial advertisements.

10: Remember that this is a community forum - all members, including the Cadence folks, are responding voluntarily as a sideline to their daily work.

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