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How to create a library with several different versions of the same part

I need some help.  I have been trying to create a library file with different biased ideal opamps.  Looks like this:

    .subckt Ideal_OPAMP v_plus v_minus v_out


    *This is an ideal OPAMP model with the output voltage

    *limited to +/- 15V


    Rin v_plus v_minus 10MEG

    Eamp v_out 0 value={LIMIT(1MEG*v(v_plus v_minus), -15, 15)}

    R0 v_out 0 10MEG


I change the power supplies and rename the part.  This one would be Ideal_OPAMP_15. How do I go about this?  I would like a library that would have the basically the same SUBCKT but with the power supply values changed the name changed.  

I will tell you what I have done.

1).  I create a .lib file with the above SUBCKT.  

2). I open the file in the Model Editior.

3).  I click on Model->Copy From -> 

4)  Label the next one Ideal_OPAMP_20

5).  Choose Ideal_OPAMP in the copy from box.  Click on OK

6).  After several new OPAMPS are created I then choose File->Model Import Wizard-> and run through the options.

7).  Save it

8).  Open Orcad and create a new project. 

9).  Load the part library.

This is where my problems exisits.  Under the library where I have save the parts I only get one part.  Not the 5 or 6 I have created.  

Any ideas?



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I am new in pspice, How can i create new siode model in spice (SMS7630)

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