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how Thermistor Beta value calculated in pSpice

hello all,

thermistor c619_10000\EPC is what i have used in my design getting proper output but need to know what beta value is used as i can see in the spice model :

* Typenmodell f’r C619/10k :
* --------------------------
.SUBCKT C619_10000/EPC 1 2  PARAMS: TOL=0
X1 1 2 NTC Params: 
+ B0=-11.9847664230072 
+ B1=3069.94526980822 
+ B2=418296.198088036 
+ B3=-102412371.979498 
+ B4=6690146322.502 
+ R25=10000 
+ T={1+TOL/100} 
+ CTH=0.0012 GTH0=0.0034586 GTH1=3.11E-6 TK=273.15

it uses 5 beta value i am confused regarding this spice model can anyoune explain




Tue, 2018-09-04 05:58
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This model is calling another model called NTC. If you search the epcos.lib for .subckt ntc you will find the definition of that model and see how the specific parameters are used to determine the behaviour of the generic model.

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