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How to use Lbreak or ABM for modelling a mathematical equation using conditions to model the inductor?

Can I use a Lbreak part to input the following equations to model the Inductor? And if yes, how should I do it?

For |I|<15A L=228 uh and for |I|>= 15A L=2.28uh-4.56uh*15A/|I|+230.28uh*225A2/I2.

What I don’t know is how to input this information into the Lbreak property or in the model statement using Model Editor?.

That is what is the syntax and for this kind of function and how do I enter it? Also, if this is not possible using Lbreak part should I be using ABM to model the condition? Can someone pleas ehelp me with this issue?

Wed, 2018-10-10 00:59
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Lbeark may not be most appropriate mechanism to model this specific behaviour. One can use G devices to model non linear impedances. Refer "Modelling Impedances with ABM" and "A Nonlinear Capacitor Model for Use in PSpice" under Modeling Voltage controlled capacitor. These topics are listed under PSpice application notes section of Learning PSpice. Learning PSpice can be accessed from Help > Learning PSpice menu in OrCAD Capture.

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