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#1 Jun 3, 2021
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How to use measurement funtion

Hi Team,


I tried to use pspice model: TPS61022 to simulate output voltage and the current though the resistor for different resistor connected to output side.

I run a parametric sweep for resistor load from 10ohm to 21Ohm with 2ohm increment. I tried to use the measurement funtion in trace analysis. I want to see how the load current will vary depends on different resistor. 

X axis: Rload

Y axis: load current through the Rload

The results shows error: only data from the first section will be displayed in the plot.

Do you know how could i carry the measurement in this case?



Thu, 2021-06-10 08:25
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I believe you must have used the PARAM part to add a parameter like ‘res’ and then set the value of resistor as {res}. Now you can do a global parameter sweep by sweeping the parameter res.


After simulation, if just plot the voltage on the node connecting to resistor pin, you should get a trace for the res values, showing you the trend.


Now for measurement, try using Trace > Evaluate measurement. It will show numerical value for each of the above runs.


If you use Trace > Measurement, then the warning says that out of all the runs above (for every value of res), measurement will be calculated for only first one and will be show on the probe window as graph.

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