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#1 Mar 20, 2021
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How to use .step command ERROR(ORPSIM-15167):

I wanna see IR1-IR2 graphics for different R3 values how to use .step command for this

V1 3 0 DC 12V

R1 3 2 1k
R2 3 4 1k
R3 2 1 {R3}

Q1 1 1 0 BC237
Q2 4 1 0 BC237

.MODEL BC237 NPN IS =1.8E-14 ISE=5.0E-14 NF =.9955 NE =1.46 BF =400 BR =35.5 IKF=.14 IKR=.03 ISC=1.72E-13 NC =1.27 NR =1.005 RB =.56 RE =.6 RC =.25 VAF=80 VAR=12.5 CJE=13E-12 TF =.64E-9 CJC=4E-12 TR =50.72E-9 VJC=.54 MJC=.33
.STEP param R3 1k 10k 1k

ERROR(ORPSIM-15167): Undefined parameter: R3.

thanks in advance

Sun, 2021-03-21 09:21
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ADD a param definition
.PARAM Rval=0

Change R3 to
R3 2 1 {Rval}

Change .step to
.STEP param Rval 1k 10k 1k

These changes resulted in .OP being run ten times for each increment of R3

The .PROBE command writes the results from DC, AC, and transient analyses to a data file used by Probe.  You'll have to chose one of these analyses to display the graphics you desire. 

Tue, 2021-06-01 03:48
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Nice post

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