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#1 Apr 26, 2020
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ICL7667 pspice model


I tried  to find the ICL7667 that is in the Browse Cadence PSpice Model Library,  I am  find it in Orcad Capture but this element does not have a pspice model!
How can I find the space model of this element so that I can use this element in simulation?

Mon, 2020-04-27 07:50
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It's in the DRI.lib library under the name of awbicl7667.

Mon, 2020-05-04 11:38
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Hi Mojtaba,

As retiredEE pointed out, the PSpice model of ICL7667 part is in the DRI.lib library. 

On a side note, DRI.lib is present in the advanced analysis pspice libary folder and not the generic pspice libraries. This may have been the reason to miss the part in your search. Add this libray and other advanced libraies of pspice by going to Instllation setup > tools > capture > library > pspice > advanls

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