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#1 Jun 19, 2020
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Modifying Trace of DC Sweep

I want to modify the trace expression of a trace I get for two voltage readings and one current reading when I do a DC sweep in OrCAD capture. The reason for this is that I want the data to be clearer when I export it to work with in excel. For example one of the traces is named V(D3:1,D3:2). I'd like to rename this to VR or something similar so that my excel data will be more understandable. However when I try to change the name in the "Trace Expression" box in the Modify Trace window I get an error that says ERROR(ORPROBE-3240): Invalid Expression(s). How can I solve this problem?

Tue, 2021-05-25 01:06
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If you wish to define an alias for PSpice trace expression you should use ";" and followed by trace alias. For example in your case if you write V(D3:1,D3:2);VR it should work and PSpice waveform viewer would display VR as trace name instead of V(D3:1,D3:2)

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