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#1 Feb 3, 2021
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Modifying voltage drop LED

Good Afternoon everyone, 

I am trying to simulate a set of LED's with a total voltage drop of ~43V. I tried setting forward voltage to 43V in the modeling application for LED and it didnt work, the diode conducts 4.8V. 

I then tried edditing VJ in the PSPICE model editor to 43, but now when I run bias point simulations for voltage I am getting this error "MODEL1201 is undefined" (model1201 being the diode)


any help on this? Im trying to simulate a constant current LED driver + LED pcb load. I tried simulating a constant wattage load (most useful for my application) but this seems to be impossible on my version of orcad PSPICE


any help is appreciated, thank you

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