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#1 Feb 9, 2021
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Monte Carlo simulation is not considering temperature parameter for passive components



Hi Sir/Madam,

We are using PSpice 16.6 version for simulating our designs. When we simulate a Voltage divider circuit in Monte Carlo by using PSpice components resistor and capacitor there is no changes in the output with respect to change in operating temperature settings. We are getting same output for different operating temperature(-40,25 and 80 degree) in Monte Carlo simulation. Can you suggest us why the result is same for passive components in monte Carlo simulation with respect to change in temperature. Hence if we execute any design with passive components in monte carlo run temperature parameter will not consider right?. If i run the same design with Active components there is a change in outpit with respect to change in operating temperature. Waiting for your response. I almost raised the same request for more than 3 times no response from pspice team kindly response. Thank you.



Barnabas D

Mon, 2021-05-17 04:49
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You should have appropriate model parameter set to see the effect of temperature. For example, for resistor set TC1 and TC2 to see the effect of temperature on resistance value. 

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