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#1 Oct 29, 2020
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Multiple .Step parameter analysis


I am looking to do, as an exemple, a transient analysis on multiple parameter. In this example, I am trying to sweep R1 and C1 independently (It is a simple RC circuit powered by a voltage source V1). I created a cmd file (and I included it in my simulation profile) containing 2 commands :

.STEP PARAM R1 1 5 1
.STEP PARAM C1 1 5 1

With these, I should be able to get 25 curves.

Unfortunately, I get this error in the output file of the simulation "ERROR -- Only one .STEP allowed per circuit"

Is there any work around or maybe a cmd I can use to acheive what I want to do without having to change C1 individually. This is a simple case with only 2 parameters, but i want a general solution that can be applied to 3,4,5... parameters.



Wed, 2021-05-19 00:12
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You can Parametric Analysis tool set from PSpice Adv Analysis. This will enable you to run any analysis with any number of sweep variable and sweep points. 

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