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#1 Mar 11, 2020
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No leakage inductance of transformer with non-linear core when simulating

Hi there!

Problem: When doing a transient simulation of my flyback converter, there are no inductive spikes from my transformer, which is to be exptected when the coupling is below 1.

I was wondering if anyone here might know why the leakage inductance seemingly isn't included in the spice model for my transformer core. I have tried 3C94 and 3C95 core material from the magnetic library.

Notably, I do see inductive spikes when using K_linear from the analog library without the 3c94/95 core material. When I choose 3C95 in the implementation there are no inductive spikes.

I can of course include this myself, but would like to get confirmation on if this is normal, and perhaps how to best include the leakage inductance in my transformer model.


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