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#1 Jan 10, 2021
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NOT gate simulation


I'm trying to simulate a NOT gate 74LS04 (DC sweep) in order to see the analog output voltage but I guess that a complete analog model is not included in the library. Then I decided to download the Pspice model available from Texas Instruments (Spice model option):

I convert the file to .olb following this video​ 

everything seems ok but simulation is not working

* source NOT_TI
V_V1         N00075 0 5Vdc
R_R1         0 N00400  1meg TC=0,0 
V_V2         N00234 0 0Vdc
X_U1         N00400 N00234 N00075 0 SN74LS04 

**** RESUMING 1.cir ****

ERROR(ORPSIM-15108): Subcircuit SN74LS04 used by X_U1 is undefined


Any idea about how to fix that?

thanks in advanceNOT.jpg

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