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#1 Dec 18, 2020
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Project simulation fails to converge

I just downloaded PSpice_TI and failed at my first simulation. It fails to converge.

switch mode constant current source schematic






I found a page that suggested solutions but none have helped, probably because of my own lack of understanding.

I have uploaded my project to Dropbox in the hope that someone more familiar could point out the error of my ways.

Thu, 2021-07-29 09:44
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I looked upon your schematic and it is getting convergence error as some point due to minimum time step limit. However upon addition of small series resistance of 10 ohm to V1 will resolve your convergence issue.

As shown in below snapshot along with output waveforms. Yo can also tweek your incuctor L1 value as per desired output. I have changed it to 100u. But circuit also works well with your orignal L1 value of 10u.



Hope it will help.



Ashish Gupta

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