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#1 May 5, 2020
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PSpice Equivalents of LTspice's ISO 7637-2 & ISO 16750-2 Transients Models.

Dear PSpice Experts,

As mentioned in the subject-matter, do we have PSpice equivalent of the LTspice's transient immunity verification (ISO Pulse 1 - 5) models? For reference, LTspice's information can be found here:

If we don't, is there a way to make use of the .asc-files being linked on the website? 

Or perhaps, if any person had done something similar and is willing to share, please do let me know. Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,


Mon, 2020-09-14 22:39
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Hey David,

I had the same question a few days ago. The compromise I have now is somethign below. It might not be the best, but at least it is something working.

- Use the default pulse source in LTSPICE, and customise it to own spec. (Us, Ua are quite often different)

- Output the waveform to a txt file, and if needed, modify it according to own spec. 

- In PSPICE, call the waveform as PWL

- Make sure add the internal resistance Ri between the pulse and your test circuit



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