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#1 Apr 22, 2018
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Pspice Error in simulation

Can anyone help me with this problem for my simulation? Pleas thanks

V_V1         A 0 DC 25  
R_R1         A B  4k  
R_R2         N00309 B  9k  
R_R4         0 N00309  7k  
R_R5         N00281 B  8k  
R_R6         N00636 N00281  6k  
R_R7         0 N00281  10k  
.PRINT         DC V([N00281],[B]) 
V_PRINT2         N00636 N00309 0V
.PRINT        DC I(V_PRINT2) 
V_Vx         A 0 DC 50V  
I_Ix         0 N01041 DC 20mA  
.PRINT         DC V([A],[B]) 
.PRINT         DC V([B],[N01041]) 
V_PRINT5         B N01438 0V
.PRINT        TRAN I(V_PRINT5)   
V_PRINT6         N01041 N01529 0V
.PRINT        TRAN I(V_PRINT6)   
R_R8         B A  9k  
R_R9         N01438 0  8k  
R_R10         N01041 B  3k  
R_R11         N01529 0  6k  

**** RESUMING Assign2b.cir ****

ERROR(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving V_Vx. You may break the loop by adding a series resistance

Fri, 2018-04-27 11:50
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It's seems that you have a conflict, two Voltage sources(V_V1 and V_Vx) in parallel (between node A and 0).

Mon, 2018-04-30 04:11
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Yes, I agree. You have to place a resistor between both sources. 

Wed, 2020-09-30 02:56
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Nice post

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