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PSpice files required

Dear All, Hope you all are doing well with good health. Here i would like t ask for one favor that i have designed RF Transmitter at frequency of 8.2 MHz, which will be used for RFID application (i.e Electronic Article Surveillance system). For designing purpose i used Altium Designer 16.0 , schematic is ready but we are also interested to simulate this circuit in Altium Designer. For mixed signal simulation we used this software. But during simulation i am facing some problems, that's why i asked for favor from all of you. The main problem is some SPICE model files are missing or not available in libraries. i try to find but unfortunately didn't succeed. so what can i do in this situation ... i am much worried about this, and i have required to finish this task as early as possible. I have found .ibis Models but those are use less, for mixed signal simulation purpose SPICE is mandatory, kindly suggest me how can i do mixed signal simulation ...... Any one can help me to provide PSPICE Model File for five ICs (74HC4046, 74HC4060, 74HC74, 74HC40103, 74HC86). I shall be highly grateful to him/her who can help me in this regards.  Anxiously waiting for your kind and quick response... With Kind Regards

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You need to use OrCAD PSpice and Capture for designing. You should be able to find most of the models for the devices you are looking in PSpice. Lack of simulation is one of the majopr disadvantage of Altium. 

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