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pspice filestim1

hi guys i am trying to create a digital signal of ones and zeroes. using a file stimulus with component filestim1 using a txt file and have the file repeat forever can someone please help.
+ 5ns 0
+ 5ns 1
+ 5ns 1
+ 5ns 0

Tue, 2018-08-28 10:08
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You are trying to use the syntax for a Stimulus (STL file) in the source for a FileStim - they are not the same thing. The FileStim text file takes a list of time / value pairs only, there are no commands. The Stimulus file on the other hand, uses the Stimulus file format and does have a number of commands. See the PSpice Reference Guide for details. If you want a repeating pattern: for a FileStim, you will need to "spell it out" for all the values for the entire period of the simulation; for a DigStim, you can use the Stimulus file format. In fact, it's easier to place the DigStim in the schematic and then use Edit PSpice Stimulus from the right-click pop-up menu to create your clock from the Stimulus Editor. If you want, you can then carefully edit the STL file, or use the Stimulus Editor, to make changes to the stimulus.

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