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PSPICE: How to caregtorize this N Mosfet?


I'm building this circuit on PSPICE (Link Included). The issue is, I do not know what "M1" Mosfet represents. I know it is a NMOS, however, i'm unsure which to use from what library. Also, depending on whatever the N-MOSFET is, what about the PSPICE Model for it? Don't I need to edit it and add certain settings on how the mosfet should function? Currently, the libraries I have seen are: NEC_MOS, NXP_MOSFETS, and Transistor library.


I have no idea how to attach images, here is the circuit....: https://imgur.com/R6bZ0en


Mon, 2018-03-12 04:22
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You have attached a generic circuit. You have the design but you dont have the values for anything. So, you should define each component depending on your requirements and where you are going to use your circuit. Anyway I would start with the MOSFET from the Breakout library, because it has the minimal parameters necessary for simulation. Thus you could get a first simulation and then taking into account your requirements you could select the proper components. 


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