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Running PSpice A/D from the Command Prompt


I've been trying to open PSpice A/D from Matlab to get probe results of generated circuit files in Matlab without the interaction of the user. The system function, system(), works well for opening PSpice A/D with the circuit file already in it, but it does not run it.  I was wondering if there was any way to make this happen. Can PSpice A/D be controlled from the Command Prompt to run a new circuit file? Or is there an easier way by changing the program to another language like Python to achieve this?


Thanks in advance.

Sun, 2019-04-07 07:54
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Psp_cmd.exe would be bit faster. You can also run command line simulation using pspice.exe. For this you need to use 
Pspice.exe -r 

To increase precision of data printed in .out file you should used NUMDGT option. This option controls number of digits for simulation result printed in out file.

You can use File>Export>...csv... to export result in csv format. This command is available for .dat. File generated from pspice (this is post processing command). You can read csv in excel.

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