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#1 Jun 20, 2016
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Solenoids functioning as a transformer

How can I use 2 solenoids functioning as a transformer in orcad? 

Tue, 2016-06-21 08:37
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You need to use "coupling" element to couple two or more solenoid (inductors) to create transformer.

Place two inductors on your schematic and assign respective inductance values. Say refdes for these inductors are LP1 and LS1.

Now place "K_Linear" from analog.olb on your schematic and edit it's property and assign refdes of above two inductors (solenoids) - LP1 and LS1 against L1 and L2. So L1 property will have values as LP1 and L2 will have a value LS1

This way you are informing simulator to consider these two inductors as coupled devices.  You can also refer application note "Using the Inductor Coupling Symbols" under Learning PSpice > PSpice Application notes section. You can access Learning PSpice from Capture Help>learning PSpice  menu.

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