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#1 Aug 10, 2016
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Why am I getting an Out of Memory Error message when I run the Allegro AMS Simulator and I have 32 G?




I am running a long Allegro AMS Simulator simulation and I get an error message saying that I am out of memory. I tried different systems with more memory, but I still get the same error.




The memory limit is due to the fact that the Allegro AMS Simulator is currently a 32-bit application and is thus limited to 2 GB of memory. The SPB 17.0 release will make the Allegro AMS Simulator a 64-bit application which will allow an application to allocate up to 16 TB of RAM. Here is an excerpt from a blog that I read which discusses the architecture limitations:

There are two factors that determine the memory allocation for a given process. The architecture of the process (32-bit or 64-bit) and also the architecture of the Operating System the process is running on.  For 32-bit it also depends if you use the/3GB switch <> or not.

So I broke this up based on these things into the table below, this is the maximum amount of memory available for the process assuming you have that much RAM and Pagefile space.

Maximum Memory Allocation for process


These process numbers are contingent on how much RAM and disk space you have, so if you have 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB Pagefile, the total memory of all running processes can’t be greater then 8 GB.

Note: If you let Windows manage your Pagefile size, when you hit this limit, Windows will try to grow your Pagefile as long as there is disk space available.

As you can see once pspice moves over to a 64 bit application, you will only see the out of memory messages when your system's capacity is exceeded, it will not be because of the OS limitation of the architecture type.

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