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Breakout MOSFETs all have the same parameters?


When i add breakout mosfets (mbreakN), and edit its parameters, new breakouts will also have the same parameters, so the W/L relationship etc. are all the same. How can change that so i can have multiple breakouts, with diffferent parameters?




Fri, 2017-12-29 01:53
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Hi SteffA

You need to create a copy of Model with a unique name, so that you can have assign different model parameters like, W,L, VTO etc. In order to do this, After placing MbreakN in capture, select the MOS instance (say M3)  for which you would like different model parameter, Do Edit Model > This will open up Model Editor and load Model definition, change the Model name from MbreakN to something else - Say MbreakN1 - and also update the model parameters like W,L etc, Save this ,lib file in Model editor and Exit Model Editor. Now your instance M3 would refer this model MbreakN1 whereas other breakout models would continue to refer original model.

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