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3 bit DAC


I' ve got couple problems with circuit. First of all I have no idea which should I source put in this ciruit? I know that there are vpulse and some source with digital signal (2bit or 4bit). I need 3 bit signal, I mean (000, 001, 010,011 etc). Maybe someone of you have some schematics and want help me. 


Thu, 2016-12-29 23:29
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To set digital input - you should should use stimulus sources. These can support invidual bit and BUS. Looks at the example design - decoder for use of stm sources. This is located in your installation at <INSTALDIR>/tools/pspice/capture_samples/digsim/decoder/decoder.opj

Below is the Screen capture of design; here DSIM1, DSTIM2 . are prepresenting digital inpout voltage bit.


You can use DigStim* parts to place digital signal input voltage from Sourcsstm library


Refer PSpice User guide "Defining a digital stimulus" topic under Digital Simulation chapter.

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