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Pspice v17.2 Crashing and Convergence Problems

I updated to Pspice v17.2-S022 when it was released earlier this year. When I first used this version to perform an AC frequency sweep analysis of a simple op amp transimpedance amplifier, I found that it either tended to crash with messages like "orSimSetup64-this application has quit" or "INFO(OrProbe-3211): simulation error, the rpc server in unavailable" or tended to fail to converge on nearly every run. So I uninstalled this version and re-installed an earlier version - v17.2-S015 instead. I found that this version tended to work properly on the initial simulation run but would tend to crash on a subsequent simulation run after making circuit component (resistor and capacitor) value changes. My original circuit used a Texas Instruments OPA140 op amp (macromodel supplied by Texas Instruments). Thinking the problems might be related to this op amp, I replaced it with a LM258 op amp from the Pspice standard library and got the same problems. I contacted my VAR for help on this. They ran their own simulations on my circuit and did experience convergence problems but not crashing problems and they are at a loss to tell me how to resolve either problem. Has anyone else experienced crashing and/or convergence problems with v17.2??

As someone who has used Pspice v16.6 for several years, I have the impression that while v17.2 has more features than v16.6, it is less stable/more problematic than v16.6. Does anyone else have a similar impression??

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Thank You Frankfar - Please request you VAR to report this case to Cadence support. It is difficult to comment about such issue without having a specific look at the actual design. Cadence will address issues if any. 

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