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PCB design teams need fast and reliable simulation to achieve convergence. Cadence® PSpice® simulation technology offers a single, unified design environment for both simulation and PCB design. With integrated analog and event-driven digital circuit simulation, teams benefit from improved speed without sacrificing accuracy. Using advanced analysis circuit analysis software, designers can automatically maximize the performance of circuits.

Get Your Products to Market Faster with PSpice Technology

PSpice SPICE simulation technology combines industry-leading, native analog and mixed-signal engines to deliver a complete circuit simulation and verification solution. It meets the changing simulation needs of designers as they progress through the design cycle, from circuit exploration to design development and verification. Designed for use in conjunction with PSpice A/D, PSpice Advanced Analysis helps designers improve yield and reliability.

Customers of all sizes and in various industries all over the world are using PSpice SPICE circuit simulator today to simulate the circuits to find and fix design issues before the designs go to the manufacturer. With this powerful circuit simulation and analysis environment, engineers can be confident that circuits function as intended and the tolerances specified are correct. This confidence leads to increased manufacturing yield, fewer prototypes, less time spent in the lab, and ultimately a reduced cost of the product, thereby increasing the potential profit.

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • We chose PSpice for several reasons. The availability and selection of models is vast and updated online. Time-saving features like the Checkpoint Restart allow me to store simulation states at various time points and then restart simulations from any of the simulation states. All in all, it’s a great product and is a key part of our design team. I can see why it is the industry standard.

    Paul Overton
    Senior Electrical Engineer, Viper Subsea
  •   We’re very optimistic about our future and, with our scalable Cadence circuit simulation and design tool flow with OrCAD® Capture CIS with PSpice and Allegro® PCB Designer tools, we have an environment that will grow with us.

    Glen Pratley
    Hardware Design Team Leader, Solid State logic
  • With OrCAD® PSpice Designer, design problems are found much earlier, saving crucial time and money often spent in building and debugging ECU boards within system prototypes.

    Santosh Birajdar
    Senior Manager Electrical and Electronics PV, Tata Motors

PSpice History


Founded MicroSim

CalTech graduates, Wolfram Blume and Paul Tuinenga, co-founded MicroSim as CEO and V.P. of Technology, respectively.


 Initial Release of PSpice technology

Developed to run on the first IBM PC, PSpice technology is initially released in 1984. “P” stands for Personal Computer (PC). PSpice was the first commercial offspring of Berkeley SPICE to run directly on the PC platform


Major enhancements were added

PSpice Probe, a waveform viewer module, was added when PC VGA graphics became available. Probe enabled users to view simulation results interactively and in high quality. Also, many other key enhancements were added to PSpice including nonlinear Jiles/Atherton core model, ideal switches and proprietary IGBT model.


Released the Student Version of PSpice technology

A zero cost (but node-limited) student version is first introduced in 1988. From then, PSpice technology became truly ubiquitous in the electrical engineering academic and industrial communities.



In January 1998 MicroSim was acquired by OrCAD, which itself was subsequently purchased by Cadence Design Systems in July 1999.

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