Solutions and Technologies

Cadence® PSpice® technology combines industry-leading, native analog, mixed-signal, and analysis engines to deliver a complete circuit simulation and verification solution.

PSpice Utilities

  • PSpice Probe
    PSpice Probe

    Powerful post-processor to allow various analysis after simulation

    PSpice Probe, world's best out of the box advanced post-processing tool, simplifies viewing of simulation results—both analog and digital—by having a single display while retaining the same time axis, allowing the user to perform post-simulaton calculations and plotting without having to re-run simulations. PSpice Probe processes multi-process simulation data while simulation is in progress and provides single and multiple-plot-based waveform view.

  • PSpice Model Editor
    PSpice Model Editor

    Create and edit PSpice models quickly and easily

    The PSpice Model Editor allows you to extract a model of a supported device type by simply entering required data from the device's data sheet. After entering the device information in standard data sheets, the Model Editor displays device-characteristic curves so you can verify the model-based behavior of the device. When you are finished, the PSpice Model Editor automatically creates a part for the model so you can use the modeled part in your design immediately.


  • PSpice Magnetic Designer
    PSpice Magnetic Designer

    Design magnetic components using commercially available materials

    The PSpice Magnetic Parts Editor automates the process of designing magnetic transformers and DC inductors for generating simulation models. It allows rapid prototyping of transformers, relays, and coils in an automated manner using electrical specifications, helping designers build transformers for power supplies.

  • PSpice Stimulus Editor
    PSpice Stimulus Editor

    Edit mixed signal data for PSpice stimulus devices easily

    The PSpice Stimulus Editor is a utility that enables you to set up and verify the input waveforms for transient analysis. You can create and edit voltage sources, current sources, and digital stimuli for your circuit. Menu prompts guide you to provide the necessary parameters, such as the rise time, fall time, and period of an analog repeating pulse, or the complex timing relations with repeating segments of a digital stimulus. Graphical feedback enables you to verify the waveform.

PSpice Apps

On-demand apps provide access to PSpice features

PSpice Model Search App

Quickly and easily search for and place simulation-ready PSpice components from the thousands of parts in Cadence’s installed libraries.

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PSpice Modeling Apps

PSpice Modeling Apps significantly reduce the time and effort required to develop components and models needed for simulation during design entry.

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PSpice Monte Carlo Temperature Sweep

Perform PSpice AA Monte Carlo analysis across a range of temperatures.

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OrCAD Apps

OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor apps provide access to new and enhanced features and capabilities.

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