PSpice Systems Option

The PSpice® Systems Option provides designers with a system-level simulation solution for their designs. Designers utilize PSpice simulation programs for accurate analog and mixed-signal simulations supported by a wide range of board-level models. MATLAB Simulink is a platform for multi-domain simulation and model-based design of dynamic systems. PSpice® Systems Option combines industry-leading simulation tools to provide co-simulations, simulation optimizations, parasitic extraction and re-simulation techniques.


PSpice Systems Option Overview

PSpice® Systems Option technology enables engineers to:

•  Perform system-level simulations that include realistic electrical models of actual components

•  Find design and integration problems much earlier in the design process to save time and reduce cost

PSpice Systems Option Technology Highlights

•  Perform electrical, mechanical and system-level simulations

•  Simulate with ideal models for faster simulations during proof of concept

•  Simulate with customized electrical designs using PSpice component models

•  Electrical simulations with PSpice models exhibit non-linearities, delay and other real-world effects

•  Large library of electrical parts for PSpice and mechanical models and predefined blocks for Simulink

•  Full access to PSpice environment for in-depth electrical design and debugging

•  Full access to MATLAB for analyzing and visualizing data, developing graphical user interfaces and creating model data and parameters

New PSpice Systems Option Plotting Capabilities

Import PSpice simulation results into the MATLAB Environment and leverage advanced MATLAB plotting capabilities on the simulation results.

• The Simulink-PSpice Interface provides a design simulation environment for system and circuit level designs.

• Generate custom plots utilizing MATLAB functions

New PSpice Features include PSpice Device Model Interface Features with MATLAB

* The PSpice Device Model Interface supports PSpice Macro models in C, C++ and SystemC

Code generated from the MATLAB environment can now be imported as a PSpice model into the PSpice simulator




  • System Level Mixed-Signal Simulations
    System Level Mixed-Signal Simulations

    PSpice Systems Options provides the capability to co-simulate full system level designs with industry leading simulators PSpice and MATLAB-Simulink.

    • Enhanced productivity, quality and time to market by enabling functional verification of the entire PCB
    • Co-simulate MATLAB/Simulink algorithmic models with PSpice circuit/electrical-level blocks together reusing testbenches, signal sources and common measurements
    • Access to MathWorks’ extensive electro-mechanical Automotive model library for simulations with PSpice
    • Utilize MATLAB‘s rich analysis and measurement functions in a single, integrated system design and debug environment
    • Integrated bidirectional interface that provides the capabilities of adding a MATLAB-Simulink model into the PSpice design environment for simulations
    • View the overview video on PSpice and Simulink Integration. Click here


  • Ideal and Customized Models
    Ideal and Customized Models

    PSpice® Systems Option allows you to simulate with ideal and customized models to meet your simulation and accuracy requirements.

    • Efficient simulations during proof of concept using ideal models
    • Identify design problems early in the product lifecycle phase with ideal models. 
    • Perform custom simulations with more accurate models exhibiting real-life effects
    • Prepare your product for its market success using customized electrical designs


  • Electro-Mechanical Simulation
    Electro-Mechanical Simulation

    The unified simulation environment provided by PSpice® Systems Option provides the advanced capabilities necessary for electro-mechanical simulation.

    • Design electromechanical/ hydraulic systems using ideal mathematical models
    • Complete access to the PSpice environment
    • Perform in-depth design and debugging
    • Get complete access to MATLAB to
      • Analyze and visualize data
      • Develop graphical user interfaces
      • Create model data and parameters
    • View the application videos on PSpice MATLAB/Simulink Interface. Click here
  • Library of Electrical and Mechanical Parts
    Library of Electrical and Mechanical Parts

    Large library of electrical parts for PSpice, electro-mechanical models and predefined custom blocks for Simulink.

    • Cadence® PSpice technology offers access to over 33,000 models ranging from Amplifiers, Linear ICs, Data Converters, Memory and Power Management.
    • Simulink library provides functionality ranging from complex mathematical operations, specialized custom blocks to digital processing blocks.
    • The co-simulation environment provides mixed signal simulation capabilities for various technologies and applications including IoTand Automotive.

PSpice Systems Option Videos

Watch videos to see how to use PSpice Systems Option to perform system-level simulations that include customized electrical models of components.

PSpice and Simulink Integration Overview

This video provides an overview of the analog-digital system level simulation capabilities provided by PSpice® Systems Option

PSpice® Systems Option Introduction

This video provides an overview of the PSpice® Systems Option previously known as SLPS (Simulink-PSpice)

Applications with PSpice® Systems Option

The video provides an introduction to the various applications with PSpice® Systems Option

PSpice® Systems Option RC Circuit Application

This video demonstrates how to integrate system and circuit design with the PSpice® Systems Option using an RC Circuit.

PSpice® Systems Option DC Motor Application

This video demonstrates how to integrate system and circuit design with the PSpice® Systems Option using a DC Motor.

PSpice® Systems Option Power Window Application

This is a demonstration of how a Power Window Model from MATLAB can be integrated with the PSpice® Systems Option to showcase system level design techniques.

PSpice® Systems Option Time Stepping

This video explains the data exchange functionality relative to time steps between Simulink and PSpice within PSpice® Systems Option

What’s New



PSpice 17.2-2016 Release New Features:

- Virtual prototyping
- 64 Bit simulation engine and result analysis
- New functions for behavioral models 
- TinySwitch-III and Optocoupler device models
- Support for TCL 8.6 


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