PSpice Technology for Power Supply Designs

Applications of power electronics extend across almost every industry ranging from consumer, to high-end space and defense application segment, all having their end products bound by the same goal of reliability, efficiency, simplicity, performance, control and unique set of challenges to accurately characterize and simulate.

PSpice® technology offers mixed-signal simulation and system-level analysis capabilities across different levels of abstraction across low- to high-power applications, including electric vehicles to data centers, to wearables, renewables, and the power grid. Known for its accuracy and high performance in power supply simulation technology as well as the ability to integrate with OrCAD® capture and Allegro® solution, PSpice simulation program makes power supply analysis simple.


Looking beyond the Power Supply Design Limitations

Worried about environmental regulations, heat dissipation, power supply stability, or cost and form factor? Whether you’re designing switch model power supply (SMPS), power amplifiers, invertors, or traditional linear voltage regulator circuits, you need to overcome the common challenges of:

High power

Difficult to characterize accurately in the lab, requires models for high voltage high power IGBT Module such as power semiconductors

“Multi-Rate” simulation problems

Requires 1000’s of input-signal cycles to achieve synchronization

Magnetic Component Requirements

Requires special models for magnetic components involving “nonlinear magnetics,” etc.

Low-Power Design

Testing the performance limits

Power Dissipation and Thermal design

Power Dissipation and Thermal design

Unified Design Environment

Drive your PCB layout from simulation results to improve reliability to optimize cost and size

The Power of Experimentation and Flexibility


When dealing with power electronics, the designer needs to be aware of the design challenges at every stage in the process. Constant experimentation gives rise to multiple circuit re-design and simulations. The complete PSpice solution provides the flexibility to perform “what-if” analyses, avoid additional breadboard costs, and be able to achieve the following:

Improve Stability

Leverage the frequency response analysis capabilities of PSpice technology, easily perform the stability analysis by analyzing the Bode plot for optimal gain and phase for mixed-signal designs

Superior Accuracy

Delivering fast simulation for switching regulators—including conditions with millions of switching transactions—without any significant loss in accuracy

Design Reliability

Validate your design for manufacturability and reliability in the field, and perform thermal design using Smoke Analysis

Circuit Optimization

Fine-tune your circuit for key design goals

Parametric Analysis

Avoid unusual circuit behavior under corner cases – Explore complete solution space to identify potential issues

Key Features of PSpice fit power supply market

PSpice technology provides the ultimate conducive environment for advanced system-design and packaging for designers to help designers experiment and create solutions in power electronics.

  • Complete Circuit Simulation and Verification
    Complete Circuit Simulation and Verification

    Power electronics designers rely on PSpice technology for its fully integrated design space exploration capability for creating efficient power supplies. Reliability of results across generations of designs are now made significantly more powerful with its newly introduced customizable analyses.

  • Extended Model Libraries
    Extended Model Libraries

    An extensive library of more than 33,000 models help you reach simulation faster, including simulation-ready analog and mixed-signal devices, specialized power regulator ICs, electro mechanical devices, high-power semiconductor devices like 3-phase high voltage high current IGBT modules, mathematical functions, and behavioral models.

  • PSpice Magnetic Designer
    PSpice Magnetic Designer

    The PSpice Magnetic Parts Editor automates the process of designing a variety of transformers and DC inductors for generating simulation models. It allows rapid prototyping of transformers, in an automated manner using electrical specifications, helping designers build transformers for power supplies.

  • New PSpice Technologies
    New PSpice Technologies

    New algorithmic enhancements in PSpice technology have led to 5X improvement in the performance of simulating switching regulators in power supply designs. The C/C++ interface allows simulation of systems that include digital control loop to improve efficiency in high-power systems.


Solid State Logic needed to accurately simulate and optimize its circuits well before committing them to manufacturing and faced issues like:

  • Mitigate risks by achieving first-time-right circuit designs prior to fabrication
  • Support product cycle with frequent updates and aggressive time-to-market targets
  • Avoid wasting time on lots of board respins


With OrCAD® PSpice Designer, Solid State Logic had the advantages:

  • Mitigate design risks before committing to copper
  • Perform placement and viewing to higher level tools for heavier lifting of circuit design
  • Scalability 


Solid State Logic were able to create complex simulation models, thereby saving weeks to months per design, and achieve first-time-right designs that met tight time-to-market targets using PSpice technology, controlling costs, and accelerating design process through enhanced component management.

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