PSpice Technology for Internet of Things

Complete functionality testing and verification

What is Internet of Thing (IoT) ?

While everyone has a different outlook on Internet of Things, there is a common agreement to the NEED of sophisticated mixed signal verification tools with ties to systems-level tools for full functionality testing. With the downsizing of connection and technology costs,there is a significant increase in devices with built-in WiFi and sensors with smartphone usage.

Devices like sensors, actuators and recently invented monitoring and control devices—which help in analyze and optimize our world—are creating a perfect storm for IoTs used in power supply and automotive markets. PSpice® technology, with its large simulation library and high performance (switching at high speed) provides the ultimate solution for the IoT market.


Addressing the demanding needs of IoT and Innovation

Business Insider Intelligence estimates that nearly $6 trillion to be spent on IoT solutions over the next five years, with other research firms estimating 50-100 billion devices to be connected to the internet in the same timeframe. This sets high expectations in this increasingly competitive market for new package and board technologies to satisfy the growing demand for innovation leading to successful IoT products. How do you handle the common needs for the electronic components such as the ones with the smallest form factor like wearables and ultra-low power to larger SoC designs?



In IoT devices, power is very critical since the devices need to run for days/weeks/months/years. Simulations can help you minimize power consumption in these devices

Mixed-signal challenges

Analog and digital integration, interface and communication standards, and the combination of sensor systems has increased the complexity since it includes analog mixed signal, RF-wireless and digital microcontrollers among chip, package and board

Design form factor limitations

IoT products are driven by the need for the smallest form factor (think wearables) and ultra-low power (for longer battery life) that require advanced simulation and analysis

Model availability

Customers need models supporting multiple different abstraction levels so that they can trade off performance vs. accuracy. PSpice technology supports abstraction levels ranging from circuit level, to behavioral to C/C++/SystemsC


System level and IC integration

Go to Market

Improve design reliability, reduce cost, increase productivity, and optimize your design using the advanced analysis features of PSpice technology

Shaping up New Business Opportunities


The Internet of Things brings about a transformative shift in the economy similar to the time of the introduction of the PCs creating new business opportunities for a variety of applications. PSpice analog and digital circuit simulator helps you with:

Model development

Leverage Model Editor and parametric extraction algorithms to design magnetic components using commercially available cores, wires grades and different insulation materials

High performance

Improve performance by leveraging models from high-level abstracts to implementation models

Accuracy and better reliability

PSpice Advanced Analyses helps reduce design cost, improve productivity, increase manufacturing yield, improve overall reliability, and is the de facto standard for accuracy

Mixed-Signal simulations

IC and behavioral constructs for macro modeling for PCB simulation


Analog, mixed-signal and system-level simulations can all be performed from the same environment

Key features for the Internet of Things domain

The PSpice SPICE simulation engine equips the designer with the necessary tools and mechanism to stay competitive in the Internet of Things domain and continue their journey of innovation.

  • Comprehensive Solution
    Comprehensive Solution

    OrCAD PSpice Designer is a electrical circuit simulator with built in mathematical functions, behaviorial modeling, circuit optimization, and electromechanical co-simulation is a high-performance, industry-proven, mixed-signal simulator and waveform viewer for analog and mixed-signal circuits. 

  • Integrated Design Flows
    Integrated Design Flows

    Sealmess integration among OrCAD Capture, PSpice and OrCAD PCB Editor provides easy design analysis to achieve first-pass success with integrated SI, analog and mixed-signal and constraint design flows.

  • Integration with MathWorks
    Integration with MathWorks

    The PSpice® Simulink-PSpice Integration (SLPS) provides designers with a system level simulation solution for their designs helping them utilize PSpice simulation solutions for accurate analog and mixed-signal simulations supported by a wide range of board level models. MATLAB Simulink is a platform for multi-domain simulation and model-based design of dynamic systems.

  • Reliability Package
    Reliability Package

    Cadence® PSpice® Advanced Analysis enables engineers to improve their design reliability by combining Sensitivity, Monte Carlo, Smoke (stress) analysis, Parametric analysis, and Optimizer. Used in conjunction with core PSpice simulation, Advanced Analysis maximizes design performance, yield, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.


Home2net faced the challenges of fitting all of its electronic components into the pre-defined mechanical CAD environment along with other concerns:

  • Provide flexible platform for multiple OEM apps
  • Shorten development time for IoT market
  • Place dense electronics inside limited 3D housing
  • Manage many different I/O interfaces
  • Support digital and analog design with measurement and high-power circuits


Using OrCAD Capture CIS and OrCAD PCB Designer, home2net was able to :

  • Receive immediate feedback on the possibilities for dense and miniaturized design
  • Optimize cost 
  • Standardize manufacturing output flow
  • Meet time-to-market targets


OrCAD PCB Designer helped Home2net manage hierarchical design rules by regions and enabled online DRCs as immediate feedback—which is an essential requirement to keep up with the fast software changes in the IoT market.

Download full home2net paper

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