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PSpice Environment Walkthrough

Quickly familiarize yourself with the PSpice environment.


PSpice® for TI Tutorial Videos

Use these tutorials to learn how to accomplish common tasks using PSpice for TI.


3rd Party Model Import

Import models from the web to use in your PSpice for TI simulations.

DC Bias Point Analysis

Learn how to perform DC Bias Point analysis in PSpice for TI using a diode limiter circuit as an example.

DC Sweep Analysis

Use DC nested sweep in PSpice for TI to determine the output voltage characteristics of a MOSFET circuit.

AC Sweep Analysis

Learn how to perform an AC sweep analysis and display a bode plot representing frequency gain and phase in your circuit.

Transient Analysis

Learn how to perform transient analysis using the checkpoint restart capabilities unique to PSpice.

Parametric Sweep Analysis

Perform parametric sweep analysis and evaluate your circuit’s behavior.

Waveform and Plot Settings

Configure waveform and plot settings to match your requirements when evaluating a circuit’s performance.

Cursor Operations

Use the cursor to measure the difference between the crest and trough of an analog output waveform.

Measurement Functions

Use expressions for precise measurements and to easily compare one waveform with another.

Monte Carlo Histogram & Temperature Sweep

Learn how to plot a Monte Carlo histogram for bandwidth variance, perform a temperature sweep and add parasitics to ideal components.


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As you pursue the perfect circuit you will need simulation software that validates that your designs are meeting specs, as well as the ability to analyze how designs perform under different environmental conditions. PSpice technology delivers the most complete circuit simulation and verification solution. 

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