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#1 Jan 5, 2018
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ABM with a Matlab script

When I add an ABM ({MATLABFunction("AbmTest",V(%IN),1)}) to a “PSpice System Option” project with Inductors and K_Linear parts the ABM with a Matlab script doesn’t anymore.
Anybody else have this problem?

Also if I put a persistent variable in the Matlab script the PSpice simulation will not work.
Anybody else have this problem?


Mon, 2018-01-08 04:31
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I need more information to help you with this issue:

- Have you defined in the MATLAB Path the directory where the function AbmTest is located?

- Could you show the circuit and the script you have defined?

- Could you show the error you are getting in the output file in PSpice to debug the issue?


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