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#1 Apr 20, 2020
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The Changes made in simulation settings not saved



Hello Sir,

I am facing issue with simulation profile. When in am trying to edit or create a  new profile after clicking apply and ok the changes i make in the Simulation profile are not saved.

The main issue is the library path in Configuration settings. It is permanently "C:\temp" even if change it to <installation-path>/tools/pspice/libriary, it is not saved and i get net list error. Also the Library file that i add does not appear when i open the simulation settings again after saving it first time.

Request you to help me with this.



Mon, 2020-05-04 11:14
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Hi Urmi,

Please try the below suggestion and see if it solves the issue,

Close all OrCAD application if already open. Delete your pspice.ini file. It is in the %HOME%/cdssetup/OrCAD_pspice/<release>/ folder. Restart capture. New Project > Create a new sim. . Add nom.lib from installation > tools > pspice > library > nom.lib if not already added. The config window will show that nom.lib is now added. This is the library file with all of PSpice models included. Later, you can add any custom libraries to your design. Create any simple circuit. Run the simulation with any sim. seetings of your choice. Close capture and restart it. Things should work fine now and the changes made in sim. settings should hold.







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