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Delay Angles in Single phase Half wave and Full wave Controlled rectifier circuits

Hi there, my assignment of Power Electronics is to give a firing angle of 30 degree in Single Phase Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Circuit with RL load in Orcad ( Having only one thyristor '2N1595' ).

and, the same firing angle of 30 degree in Single phase Full wave Controlled Bridge Rectifier Circuit with RL load in Orcad (Having 4 thyristors '2N1595' ). 

I have to give the delay using VPULSE !! But, I don't know anything about VPULSE Source in Orcad. Can anybody tell me how can I set the required firing angle using VPULSE source in orcad for the thyristor '2N1595' in the Single phase half wave and, full wave controlled rectifier circuit in orcad ?! I have never worked with thyristors or VPULSE in combination in the Orcad.

I'm having trouble setting up a Vpulse for the firing angles, any help is appreciated ! . I am using ' Vsine ' source in Orcad whose VAMP=220v and whose Frequency=50hz. The Vrms voltage of Sinusoidal Source (Vsine) is equal to ' 115v ' . I can also use a 'Phase Control Circuit' but, I don't know anything about Phase Control Circuit in Orcad. I am using Orcad Version 

' 16.6-2015 LITE ' . The value of RL load in both circuits (half wave and full wave is: Resistor=220 Ohm , Inductor=0.8 H ) . The Resistor and Inductor are in Series with each other.

Can anybody tell me what values i have to assign for the PARAMETERS of VPULSE Source in Orcad to obtain the required firing angle of 30 degree for the thyristor '2N1595' in both , Half wave and Full wave controlled rectifier circuits . Can someone kindly explain the Parameters of VPULSE Source and, tell me the Required Values of the Parameters of VPULSE Source 

With Calculations for the Firing angle of 30 Degree for the thyristor '2N1595' . Because; I don't know anything about VPULSE source and it's Parameters and, i also don't know anything about how to set firing angle using VPUSLE source !! If anybody can give me Calculations or Values of the different Parameters of VPULSE source for the firing angle of 30 Degree , I would be very Grateful !! And, the explanation of the parameters of VPULSE source is also needed . I am new to Orcad and haven't used it for combination of thyrsitors and VPULSE source to generate Firing angles for thyristors.Help would be much appreciaed !!!

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About "Can anybody tell me how can I set the required firing angle using VPULSE ..." - TD parameter of Vpulse set the Time delay of pulse transition for new cycle of waveform. You need to convert 30degree in time for your specific frequency of operation and use this as delay. Example - for 50Hz, 30 degree would mean 1.667E-03 delay

Here are the parameters of Vpulse

V1 = Initial voltage of Pulse

V2 = Final voltage of Pulse

TD = time delay

PW = Pulse Width

TR/TF = Rise/Fall time of Pulse

PER = TIme Period

About VSIN Source VAMP parameter represent Peak amplitude of sinusoidal source, so for 220V RMS, one should set VAMP as 311 or so.


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Vulse Parameters

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