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#1 Jan 20, 2021
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Did anyone know how to generate the schematic from Netlist

I have undefined mosfet netlist from the data sheet (That MOSFET ( DE475-102N21A) model is an expansion of the SPICE level 3 MOSFET model.) and I want to add in that to the schematic and do the simulation based on that netlist. Does anyone know how to generate the schematic just based on netlist?

I also want to place each part from the netlist, however there are some netlist information I don't know which symbol I should use in schematic and edit that model, generally I don’t which basic MOSFET and diode I should put in. Here is the netlist and I also attached equivalent circuits of this MOSFET.1.png

Thank you very much if you could provide any information or suggestions.

Net List:
.SUBCKT 102N21A 10 20 30
* 1000 Volt 21 Amp 0.45 ohm N-Channel Power MOSFET
* REV.A 01-09-02
M1 1 2 3 3 DMOS L=1U W=1U
RON 5 6 0.3
DON 6 2 D1
ROF 5 7 .1
DOF 2 7 D1
D1CRS 2 8 D2
D2CRS 1 8 D2
CGS 2 3 5.5N
RD 4 1 0.45
DCOS 3 1 D3
RDS 1 3 5.0MEG
LS 3 30 .5N
LD 10 4 1N
LG 20 5 1N
.MODEL D1 D (IS=.5F CJO=1P BV=100 M=.5 VJ=.6 TT=1N)
.MODEL D2 D (IS=.5F CJO=400P BV=1000 M=.4 VJ=.6 TT=400N RS=10M)
.MODEL D3 D (IS=.5F CJO=900P BV=1000 M=.3 VJ=.4 TT=400N RS=10M)


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Refer PSpice user guide- topic importing spice model. You can also refer an application note -


One can also fine few YouTube video on this topic.

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