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DtoA1.N1 forced to X state for bias point, Warning


I am using UC1825 and whenever I am connecting my current shunt output as a feedback to the IC. I am getting this error.

WARNING(ORPSIM-15202): X$X_U7.N665691_DtoA1.N1 forced to X state for bias point

Pspice runs but doen't give proper output.

What is DtoA1 and how to work the digital and power electronics toghther?




Sat, 2018-09-15 02:20
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This message indicates simulator is not able to solve the circuit for Bias point analysis and it has forced that specific node to X state. You may want to check your circuit for proper value, connectivity and initialization at t=0. As such one need not do anything special to simulate power electonics and digital circuit together. 

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