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Help with PSPICE 0.35um technology

Hi PSPICE Community :)

I'm a first year student of Electronics, and I've found PSPICE 16.6 very helpful to simulate some basic problems. I've got a question about this tool. Let's say I implement a circuit with CMOS transistors, which technology are these transistors? How can I know that? If it's not 0.35um, how can I change it? I want to use the 0.35um because I think it is a technology I can use for training myself on this software to get to a higher level later.

Thanks in advance :)

Tue, 2017-11-14 23:57
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After creating simulation profile you get the edit simulation window.

In edit simulation window go to options tab and select MOSFET option and you can change the parameter like:

  • Default drain area(meter2)
  • Default source area(meter2
  • Default length(meter)
  • Default width(meter)

Hope it helped.

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