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orcad lite 17.2 problems getting a complete spice model installed

Greetings,  I am new to orcad capture (running 17.2 lite) and am having a problem with importing a spice model from advanced linear devices (a mosfet).  I first made a voltage source and a pair of resistors to prove that spice runs and it does. then I downloaded the 210800 class library, containing many mosfets, from ALD.  they provided a file named ald210800.lib.  I used the file/import command in capture to load the .lib file as the top entry in the dialog. the second file is an output with a .opj extension and a third file with an .ini extension.  the .ini file is put in the user directory it wants.

The output instruction is apparently ignored because the code made an orcad library with a .OLB extension and a .err file that says no errors ocurred.   Using the library entry icon in the place part menu, capture loads the library into the parts library.  As expected I can select the new library and above find the specific transistor I want.  clicking on this transistor, I can place it and connect it into my simple circuit.  running spice generates a complaint that the .subckt is missing.  from the forum and other sources, it appears that i have loaded only the transistor icon and not the library.  

How do I load the .subckt so spice will run?


thank you

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Please refer the appendix - C Importing Spice Models in PSpice User guide, File import is not meant for importing .lib file. This is for importing schematic design from other tools in OrCAD Capture, 

Here are few more references from web 





I hope one of these help you complete the steps, 

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